Microsoft Excel Courses
Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Levels

Microsoft Excel functions as a software program designed for creating spreadsheets, enabling the storage, arrangement, and examination of data. Unveiled in 1985, it is currently deemed the most crucial computer application used globally in the workplace.

Microsoft Excel Courses

Mastering Excel doesn't just contribute to the streamlined operation of your company; it also has the potential to enhance your earning potential and market value, as proficiency in Excel is a skill that can be applied across different roles and industries.
Beginner Level
Ms Excel - Beginner Level
Intermediate Level
Ms Excel - Intermediate Level
Advanced Level
Ms Excel - Advanced Level

About Course

Sterling College London provides a range of specialised Word Courses tailored to specific industries and their corresponding skill sets. Our classroom-based (face-to-face) training is designed for various professionals such as legal experts, administrators, PAs, educators, office managers, and those in finance and banking, with the list continuing to expand. Our training features qualified professional tutors who provides personalised tutoring experience by guiding and offering feedback on your exercises.

We have have courses for all levels of learners (beginners, Intermediate and advanced) and various study options including mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends


Benefits of Microsoft Word
Whether you're a student or a professional, you've likely encountered Microsoft Word at some stage. As one of the most widely used word processors, it offers numerous features to aid your tasks:

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Accessible on Major Operating Systems.
  • Abundant Features: Offers Numerous Functionalities.
  • Adaptable Interface: Versatile User Interface.
  • Integrated Search Function: Built-in Search Capability.
  • Effortless Proofreading: Simple Spelling and Proofing Tools.
  • Format Versatility: Supports Various File Formats.
  • Text Alignment Ease: Smooth Text Alignment Tools.
  • Seamless Office Integration: Integrates Well with Other Office Software.

One-To-One Word Training

One teacher, one student: Our One to One Microsoft Word lessons give you the chance to follow a course that is entirely tailored to your requirements. In consultation with your tutor, you can choose the key areas of the Ms Word application you would like to focus on. Lessons can be scheduled morning, afternoon or evening.

Corporate Word Training

Corporations and organisations seeking customised Ms Word training can request us to create tailored programmes that address specific learning requirements. Our skilled tutors can design courses aimed at enhancing workflow efficiency and imparting essential skills to boost workplace productivity. Reach out to us for further details and to tailor your training to align with your learning objectives.

Maximum Class Size

15 (but usually class numbers range between 4 to 6 people)

Course Duration

The minimum length of time you can book a course is 1 week (there is no maximum limit as you can book as many weeks as you want).

Intake Dates

Every week with a Monday start throughout the year (except national public and Christmas breaks). If you enrol on a part-time course (less than 15 hours per week), you would have agreed your class days (and start date) with our admission team during the enrolment process.

Admission Requirements

  • The course requires at least an intermediate level of English
  • You must be aged 16+
  • Not available, on its own, to overseas students requiring a visa to study with us in the UK but can, however, be combined with an eligible course.

If you do not have the required level of English language proficiency, you can enrol on an English language course with us. For more information or advice on our English language courses, please call our friendly Admissions Team at +44 (0) 208 840 8459 or email:

Fees & Funding

All our Microsoft Office training courses are self-funded. You are considered to be a self-funded student if you are funding your own studies or you are getting financial help from family or friends or receiving financial assistance directly from an external funder excluding UK student loan

How To Apply

You can apply online or by downloading and completing our Student Application Form and providing us with a copy of your passport or a valid photo ID.

Microsoft Word Study Options

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Overview of the Program

Designed for those possessing rudimentary skills in Microsoft Word, this program is classified as a course geared towards Word novices. The central aim of this training program is to guide students in reaching a proficient competency level in effectively utilising Microsoft Word.

Delivery Method

The training sessions are conducted in a face-to-face format at our educational facility located in Ealing. These sessions are led by Microsoft-certified experts who possess substantial experience in instructing students on MS Office applications.

Topics Covered in the Beginner Microsoft Word Course

Throughout the Beginner Microsoft Word Course, participants will acquire knowledge in the following areas:
    • Document Handling:
    • Initiating a document and relocating the cursor Simplifying text input and displaying hidden characters
    • Paragraph Management:
    • Effectively handling paragraphs
    • Text Manipulation:
    • Selecting, duplicating, relocating, and erasing text Employing undo, redo, and repeat functions Storing and adjusting documents Zooming features and document creation
    • Stylistic Elements:
    • Applying rapid styles from the gallery and themes Controlling character attributes such as color, case, font, and size
    • Formatting Paragraphs:
    • Manipulating paragraph indents, alignment, spacing, line spacing, borders, and shading Moving and copying text with ease
    • Customised Lists:
    • Crafting personalized numbered and bulleted lists
    • Page Layout:
    • Managing page layout and introducing page breaks Incorporating headers, footers, and page numbering Configuring, handling, and leading line tab stops
    • List Hierarchy and Styles:
    • Differentiating levels within lists and exploring list styles Advanced Formatting: Understanding line breaks, hanging indents, and non-breaking space/hyphen usage
    • Text Editing:
    • Locating, copying, and substituting text/formatting
    • Proofreading and Language Enhancement:
    • Verifying spelling and grammar accuracy, and accessing synonyms
    • AutoText Utilisation:
    • Crafting, employing, and managing AutoText entries

By completing this course, participants will develop a solid foundation in Microsoft Word, enabling them to efficiently navigate and utilize its essential features.

Dates and Duration

The course is flexible. You can start on any Monday and study for as many weeks as you wish. We however recommend a minimum of 3 to 6 months to gain see a marked improvement in proficiency.


The beginner’s level of this course can be started with no previous qualifications. You can choose to move on to our Microsoft Word Intermediate Course if you find the beginner level too easy.

Course Benefits

  • A training program designed and delivered by qualified and experienced Microsoft Application professionals
  • A Certificate of Achievement on successful completion
  • Blended learning environment
  • Flexible study options

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Microsoft Excel Courses

Mastering Excel doesn't just contribute to the streamlined operation of your company; it also has the potential to enhance your earning potential and market value, as proficiency in Excel is a skill that can be applied across different roles and industries.
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