All ACCA modules taught at affordable prices and by qualified tutors with years of commercial experience. We provide quality tuition options for students seeking an on-site learning experience.

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Extended learning hours and a range of study options such as our Digital Learning Support Services.

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Our qualified tutors all have commercial and professional experience to inform their teaching.

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We consistently maintain high levels of student academic attainments. Your best chance of achieving your goals is with us

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Our tuition fees are highly competitive. We offer premium ACCA courses with small-sized classes.

About Our ACCA Tuition Programmes

These programmes are normally available to all nationals but non-UK students may require a UK Short-Term Study Visa (Visitor Visa). Our ACCA programmes' timetable structure may require a 3 - 9 hours per week mode of attendance but with our extended learning hours, students can expect to gain an additional 10 hours of study time.



Fundamentals Knowledge Module (BT, MA, and FA)

This programme prepares you for the external examinations of the ACCA in March, June, September, or December at Sterling College London.

Our one-year and three months programme covers the entire ACCA papers. The Fundamentals Level is taught in the initial nine months of study. The Knowledge Module (Papers BT, MA, and FA) of the Fundamentals Level constitutes the first semester of the course (8 to 10 weeks duration, 3 hours per week per module i.e. 9 hours per week in total for all three modules).

Alternatively, those completing the Professional Level papers from the previous year can take any two Options Modules in the first semester of the current year to complete their course.

Students then complete the Skills Module (LW - FM) within the second and third semesters.

Professional Modules

Semester four of the course prepares students for the two Essential Modules: SBL and SBR



At Sterling College London we understand the need to provide high-quality services, and a comfortable and secure environment to complement the teaching and learning process. Our learning centre in Ealing, West London provides an attractive and comfortable setting. You can expect to find the following: 

  • A friendly and safe learning environment
  • Modern computer labs with access to a variety of up-to-date hardware & software
  • Bright comfortable classrooms
  • Self access study areas
  • Quiet study rooms
  • Language Learning Aids
  • Modern audio-visual equipment
  • Local restaurants, fast-foods, street foods, and coffee bars
  • Internet access
  • Accommodation finding service
  • Welfare and support services

Level of English Offered & CEFR Equivalents

Applicants must also have an appropriate standard of English to enable them to access relevant resources and complete the unit assignments. We recommend a minimum of Intermediate/Upper Intermediate (CEFR B1/B2) level of English language proficiency.

Maximum Class Size

15 (but usually class numbers range between 4 to 6 people)

Course Duration

10 weeks (30 Hours) per tuition paper

Intake Dates

We have four intake dates (semesters) throughout the year during which students can enrol on our ACCA programmes. These programmes are scheduled to correspond with ACCA's exam dates thereby allowing students to study towards specific exam dates.

Papers F1 to F4 can be taken at any time and are available by on-demand CBE i.e. can be taken online as Computer Based Exams (CBE). Subject to ACCA Exam Progression Rules

Generally, students can enrol on any paper(s) at any intake date subject to availability (Classes are subject to cancellation if enrollment is below prescribed minimums – 6). However, there is a progressive route from semester one (January to February) through to semester four (November to December) that underpins our course scheduling.

For this reason, tuition for:

  • Papers F1, F2 and F3 or two Options Module from Papers P4 to P7 are available in semester one (January to February),
  • Papers F4, F5 & F6 in semester two (April to May).
  • Papers F7, F8 and F9 in semester three (July to August).
  • Papers P1, P2 & P3 in semester four (November to December).

A student may only take a maximum of 3 papers per any given intake period (semester).

Classroom-based tutor-led tuition for each paper is of 30 hours duration, spread over an 8 to 10 weeks period.

Typically, a student enrolled on:

  • a single paper may attend a 3-hour (one session) class once a week (morning, afternoon or evening - subject to availability).
  • a student taking 3 papers in one semester would typically attend a 6-hour (two sessions) class one day and a 3-hour (one session) class another day within the same week or
  • a 3-hour (one session) class for 3 days per week.

All class scheduling is subject to availability. Please enquire at the time of booking for confirmation.

(Intake Periods)
Exam Date Duration 

Papers BT, MA, FA, and LW can be taken any time and are available by on-demand CBE, that is, can be taken online as Computer Based Exams (CBE) with us - Sterling College London is an ACCA-approved CBE centre.

January to February March 30 hrs per Paper
April to May June 30 hrs per Paper
July to August September 30 hrs per Paper
November to December December 30 hrs per Paper

Admission Requirements

This qualification is designed for students aged 16 and above.

Professional Examination Route:

The minimum entry requirements to register for the ACCA course, starting at the ACCA Knowledge level are:

  • two A Levels plus 3 GCSEs in five separate subjects (including English and Mathematics)
  • or the equivalent

Those students in possession of higher qualifications may be eligible for exemptions from some of the ACCA examinations.

ACCA Exemptions for Degree Holders:

Holders of recognised business and/or accounting degrees will be considered for ACCA exemption from some or all of the papers in Knowledge & Skills levels, if they have previously studied and been assessed in comparable subject areas. Students with non-relevant degrees will not receive an exemption from the examinations.

We advise you to check your starting point with ACCA before you enrol on the course.

Use the ACCA Exemption Calculator to quickly check if you are eligible for any exemptions and if so what exemptions to expect.

How To Apply

You can apply online or by downloading and completing our Student Application Form and providing us with a copy of your passport or a valid photo ID and relevant certified copies of your academic transcripts/reports.

Class Times

Times to be arranged.

Fees & Funding

All our courses are self-funded. You are considered to be a self-funded student if you are funding your own studies or you are getting financial help from family or friends or receiving financial assistance directly from an external funder excluding UK student loan

For those with less time available to study and perhaps require some degree of flexibility in their mode of study, our individual paper pricing is the best option. The price includes books and online resources (Study Text, Exam Kit, Exam Prep Plus, Pocket Notes, etc. worth over £160 per paper).

Additional Charges
  • Sterling College Registration Fee - £100.00
  • Sterling College Administration Fee (if visa letter required) - £150
ACCA Individual Tuition Paper Cost
Business & Technology (BT)

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Our unwavering commitment to achieving success is among the numerous factors contributing to our status as a top choice for international students seeking education in the UK.


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“As a student at Sterling College, I can confidently say that this institution has exceeded my expectations in every way. From the moment I joined, I was greeted with a warm and welcoming community of students, tutors, and staff who have become like family to me...”
“Attending Sterling College has been a transformative experience for me. The academic rigor, coupled with the diverse community, has broadened my horizons and allowed me to grow both intellectually and personally. I am grateful for the opportunities presented to me and the lifelong connections I have made."
“I've had some amazing professors who have challenged me to think critically and pushed me to excel in my studies. I've also made some great friends and have had some really fun and memorable experiences outside of the classroom. However, I've also struggled with the stress of balancing school with work and other responsibilities.”
“Studying at this college has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. As an Indian student, I was initially nervous about adapting to a new environment and making friends, but my college community was incredibly welcoming and supportive.”



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