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Welcome to Sterling College London

At Sterling College London (SCL), you'll have the opportunity to explore our array of language, academic, and training courses tailored to meet your specific needs and interests. Whether you're looking to enhance your language skills, delve into academic subjects, or acquire practical training for personal or professional growth, SCL has something on offer for everyone.

About us
Sterling College London is a distinguished educational institution, offering a diverse range of courses in English Language, Management, Computing, and Training. With our prime location near Ealing Broadway Station and our well-equipped Learning Centre, we provide an excellent environment for immersive language learning experiences.

Our Diploma level courses at different academic levels allow students to progress seamlessly in their chosen fields, be it Business & Management, Health & Social Care, Computing, or Accounting & Finance. Additionally, our commitment to excellence in education, combined with our experienced faculty, ensures that students receive a world-class education and are well-prepared for their future endeavors.

Whether you are an aspiring language learner, a professional seeking to upskill, or a student pursuing higher education, Sterling College London is your ideal destination for quality education and holistic growth. Join us on a rewarding learning journey as we pave the way to your success in the global arena.
About us

Sterling College London, conveniently situated within a short 5-minute stroll from the Ealing Broadway Station, is a reputable educational institution offering a wide array of courses in English Language, Management, Computing, and Training to both individuals and the corporate sector.

At Sterling College London, we take pride in our diverse course offerings, catering to various academic and professional needs. Among our comprehensive language programs are General English, Business English, IELTS, and Cambridge Exams Preparation. Additionally, we provide specialised classes focused on conversation and grammar, accommodating learners across all proficiency levels, from absolute beginners to advanced individuals. Our Learning Centre in the heart of Ealing, West London, serves as the ideal environment for immersive and effective language learning.

Sterling College London stands out as a leading institution due to its commitment to excellence in education and dedication to meeting the diverse needs of learners. Our experienced and highly qualified faculty members are experts in their respective fields, ensuring that students receive top-notch education and guidance throughout their learning journey.

About us
About us

Beyond language instruction, SCL also offers an extensive range of academic courses designed to enrich your knowledge and understanding of various subjects. These courses span multiple disciplines, and whether you're a student seeking supplementary education or an individual interested in expanding your intellectual horizons, the academic courses at SCL cater to learners of all backgrounds and levels.

For those seeking to pursue higher education or gain professional qualifications, Sterling College London offers an impressive range of Diploma level courses at different academic levels. Our Level 3 courses serve as a solid foundation year, while Level 4 provides the first-year undergraduate experience. Moving up the academic ladder, Level 5 corresponds to the second-year undergraduate level, followed by Level 6, which represents the final year of undergraduate studies. Lastly, Level 7 caters to postgraduate students, offering specialised courses in Business & Management, Health & Social Care, Computing, and Accounting & Finance.

Moreover, SCL recognizes the importance of practical skills and hands-on experience in today's competitive world. Hence, it provides a variety of training courses to equip you with the necessary skills for specific professions or industries. From technical training in areas like programming, data analytics, and digital marketing to soft skills development in leadership, communication, and time management, SCL ensures that its training programs align with current market demands.

About us

As a student at SCL, you can expect a dynamic and engaging learning environment, with experienced instructors, comfortable and safe environment, and a commitment to your personal and academic growth. Whether you're looking to prepare for further studies, enhance your professional credentials, or simply pursue a passion, SCL offers a diverse range of opportunities to help you achieve your aspirations and succeed in your chosen path.


Meet our dedicated team of tutors all with extensive teaching experience and a strong track record of helping students reach their full potential. They thrive in our creative and collaborative environment and are committed to implementing innovative and effective teaching strategies to ensure authentic and rigorous learning experiences for all students. Get to know the passionate individuals shaping the educational journey at our institution.

English Language TutorTamlin
Tamlin studied classical languages at King's College London before attending RADA where he gained an M.A. in Text & Performance.

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English Language TutorJoanne
Joanne Bowen has worked in education on three continents both teaching and managing charity education programmes

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English Language TutorClare
Clare Corcoran is an MA and CELTA qualified teacher with over 10 years’ teaching experience.

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English Language TutorGeoffrey
Geoffrey Punter grew up in southern Switzerland, where he discovered his strong passion for languages and teaching.

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Our unwavering commitment to achieving success is among the numerous factors contributing to our status as a top choice for international students seeking education in the UK.


Student Testimonials

Read what current students have to say about their Amity College London experience.

“The location is exceptionally close to the subway and to different bus routes.
The College has small classes with qualified teachers and a good atmosphere.”
“I'm French and I had study English at Amity College, the school is very nice because they organise lot of social events in addition to the lessons. I really recommend this school to learn English and others languages.”
“I recommend ! This school is simply extraordinary, good learning, very nice proffesor who only want one thing : the success of their students ! Thank for everything !”
“Great school to learn, very helpful people, I love the social activities that they have and the vouchers :) The teachers are very good and helped me to achieve the level of English I wanted, and oh great location. I wish to come back in summer!”

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Is there an age limitation to studying English at SCL?

You must be 16 years or older to enrol on a course at SCL. There is no other age limit as anyone, no matter how old you are, can study English at SCL.

On occasions such as during the summer holidays, SCL may accept groups of students, 16 years old or less but on condition that they are under the guardianship of adult chaperons while at the college.


Is there an age limitation to studying English at SCL?

You must be 16 years or older to enrol on a course at SCL. There is no other age limit as anyone, no matter how old you are, can study English at SCL.

On occasions such as during the summer holidays, SCL may accept groups of students, 16 years old or less but on condition that they are under the guardianship of adult chaperons while at the college.

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