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♦ Registration, enrolment, and payment of a deposit for any of our courses will serve as a binding agreement to follow the course to completion and to pay the full fees.

♦ Extension of courses by payment of additional fees will not be allowed. Any additional payments shall be treated as a new and separate course booking unless agreed in advance.

♦ Fees must be paid as they become due.  Late payments may be subject to late fees.

♦ Fees are non-transferable to any other individual.


♦ Original start dates cannot be altered by the student unless the college receives written notice four weeks prior to the commencement of the course and if notice is given less than four weeks, a non-refundable Course Change fee will be charged. Start dates can only be changed by a maximum of four weeks before or after the original booked start date.  The college reserves the right to refuse any request to alter the course start date.

♦ If students wish to change the type of course they are studying (e.g. English to Travel & Tourism), a Course Change administration fee will be payable and any additional course fees must be paid.

♦ Students enrolled in one of our Elective or Add-On Courses such as the Conversation/Pronunciation, Grammar or Writing Practice courses cannot - under any circumstances change the time of their classes once booked.

♦ All requests for a change of class must be made in person by completing the appropriate forms. All forms must be completed before Wednesday 6.30 pm and transfers will normally be in effect as of the following Monday.

♦ If a student fails to start a course on the commencement date or if a course is abandoned by the student before completion of the course, their name may be taken off the class register. In such cases, no refunds will be made save in accordance with the terms set out below.

♦ Courses will not be extended due to unauthorised absence or illness.

♦ The college reserves the right to introduce new courses and alter existing ones.  Where there are substantive changes to the substance of the course, the College will normally notify the student in writing or by posting a notice on the noticeboard giving the reason for, and the nature of the changes.


♦ The College may change any class, class time, classroom, teacher, merge, or split classes at any time deemed necessary by the College without prior notice.

♦ Although the College will do everything possible to determine the time and/or location of the student's course, this cannot be guaranteed.

♦ The College reserves the right to place students in an appropriate level if the placement tests are taken to show that this is necessary or if deemed necessary by the course tutor. There will be no refunds in such instances.



♦ Students may be required to pay for examination fees and/or pay to register with examination bodies in addition to paying for their course fees.  A list of these fees can be obtained from the course administrator or at reception.  Examination fees vary depending on the type of course being undertaken.  Availability will be on a first-come-first basis.  It is the student's responsibility to ensure that examination fees are paid on time.


♦ Students will normally be required to take holidays during our standard college end-of-term and mid-term holidays.  We also operate a flexible holiday scheme on selected courses.

♦ Students on a course with a flexible holiday scheme that wants to go on holiday during term time must notify the college at least one week in advance.

♦ Holidays must start on a Monday and cannot be taken Mid-week or carried over from one course to another

♦ Students studying for less than 8 weeks are not entitled to any holidays.


♦ Unless specified the maximum authorised holidays are as follows:

8-11 weeks of study   :  1 week
12-23 weeks of study :  2 weeks 
24-35 weeks of study :  4 weeks 
36+ weeks of study    :  6 weeks


♦  Students are expected to maintain 100% attendance.  A student may be deemed to have abandoned a course if his or her attendance falls below 85%.

♦ Students may not miss sessions without prior authority of the college unless it is unavoidable. In any event, if they do miss three contact sessions without prior authority disciplinary action will be triggered. A  report will be sent to UKBA in compliance with reporting duties after the tenth contact session is missed without further notice. Please note: the meaning of the term “contact session” is defined in the UKBA’s Tier4 Sponsor Guidance section “More About Reporting Student Absences”.

♦ Students are expected to complete all coursework and submit all assignments on time.

♦ Students are required to take all tests and assignments.

♦ The College will take disciplinary action should the student have poor attendance or poor progression on their course, which may result in their removal from the register.

♦ The College will, however, endeavour to work through any issues that might be affecting the student's attendance or rate of course progression through our student counselling service.


♦ Fees are non-refundable in the case of late registration, abandonment, or cancellation of a course, save where prescribed by this contract or by statute.

♦ When a course is cancelled, fees are non-transferable to any other individual.


♦ Students can cancel their course booking in one of two ways; either by giving 28 days written notice before the original start date or by applying for a refund under our 'Visa refusal refund scheme'.

♦ Any notice of cancellation must be in writing and sent to 45 Wimbledon Hill Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 7NA, UK together with all required documents.

♦ The original start date or the earliest start date shall be considered as the start date for any refund application.

♦ Refunds will take a minimum of 5 weeks from the date all original documents are presented to the College.

♦ Refunds will be made only in the name of the student regardless of who pays for the course.

♦ Refunds will only be made by bank transfer or cheque and all bank charges will be forwarded to the student.


28 days notice:-
♦ If a course is booked then subsequently cancelled by the student, the College retains the right to claim for one whole terms' (12 weeks) fees in lieu in addition to an administration fee of £100.

♦ Notice must be received no later than 28 days prior to the original start date of the course.  All original documents must be returned to the college by this time.  If less than 28 days' notice is given, no refund will be given, unless due to a visa refusal.


Visa refusal refund scheme:-

♦ Where a student has cancelled owing to a visa being refused, the College reserves the right to exercise a lien on any fees until all original documentation supporting the student visa application, in addition to the original official visa refusal letter from the British Authorities are returned/supplied to the College.

♦ Under this scheme the following refund schedule will apply after deducting the £100 administration charge:


Notice Given                                          Refund Given

More than 4 Weeks notice            90% of full course fee
3 - 4 Weeks notice                      70% of full course fee
2 - 3 Weeks notice                      50% of full course fee
1 - 2 Weeks notice                      30% of full course fee
0 - 1 Week notice                        10% of full course fee

After  course start date                NIL


♦ If a student is refused entry into the United Kingdom or Leave to remain in the UK either due to lack of funds, working without a work permit, poor attendance, an invalid change of status, or providing the British Authorities or the College with false information; or If a student is given a different kind of visa to enter or remain in the UK;  they will not qualify for a refund under our visa refusal refund scheme.

♦ Students are required to book a course well in advance so as to meet all of the British Authorities visa requirements. If a visa is refused due to failure to do so they will not qualify for a refund under our visa refusal refund scheme. It should therefore be noted that bank transfers will take up to 8 weeks and cheques will take up to 10 working days. College letters can only be issued after confirmation from our bank of the receipt of cleared funds.

♦ If a student with leave to remain in the UK travels out of the country during a course or once a visa has been issued and is refused re-entry, then they will not qualify for a refund under our visa refusal refund scheme.


♦ In the unlikely event that the College is forced to cancel the course, the College shall refund the course fees within 60 days of notice of cancellation being given to the student.  The College shall not be responsible for any consequential loss suffered by the student as a result of the termination.


♦ The accommodation arrangement fee  is non-refundable.
n A minimum of 4 weeks' notice is needed in order to arrange appropriate accommodation.

♦ Accommodation cannot be arranged unless the student pays the full amount in advance for a minimum of 4 weeks plus the accommodation arrangement fee.
n The minimum stay needs to be 4 weeks unless the duration of the course is shorter.

♦ An Accommodation booking is confirmed ONLY when full payment is received.

♦ If a student wants to change the starting date of their accommodation or make a cancellation at least 4 weeks' notice in writing must be given to the college.

♦ There is no guarantee that the accommodation arranged will be within

walking distance from the college, although all accommodation is in the surrounding area of the college. Easy Amity by train and bus is always available.

♦ Host families with whom students are placed are not necessarily British, however, English is normally the language spoken in the home.

♦ We do not accept students under 18 years of age.

♦ Properties will normally be inspected by a representative of the college to ensure that they comply with our standards.

♦ In case of booking B&B (Bed & Breakfast) or HB (Half Board) students are normally free to help themselves to breakfast (i.e. self-catering) and the students are expected to respect the facilities they use.

♦ Students are liable for any damage they cause to the host family's property.

♦ Students are expected to respect and abide by the host family's reasonable schedule and house rules.  Failure to do so may result in the student being expelled from the accommodation and/or the College.

♦ If a student is expelled from the College or from an accommodation no refund will be given.


♦ Once the accommodation booking has started there is no refund if it is cancelled by the student.

♦ If the accommodation booking is cancelled by the student before the booking commences then the following refund criteria applies.

♦ Accommodation Booking Refund Criteria:


Notice Given                             Fees Forfeited

More than 4 weeks notice             Arrangement fee plus
before accommodation                 2 weeks payment.

starting date.


Between 0 and 4 weeks                Arrangement fee plus
notice before accommodation        3 weeks payment.
starting date.


♦ If the accommodation booking is cancelled by the college through no fault of the student then a full refund will be given.


♦ Students are required to keep the college notified of any changes to their contact address, telephone numbers, and any changes to their personal circumstances that may affect their entitlement to study in the UK including their immigration status immediately.


♦ Students are expected to abide by the college rules at all times.  They must not partake in any actions that may harm the College or bring it into disrepute.

♦ Whilst on the college premises, students are obliged to follow all of the College rules and regulations. Disruptive behaviour may lead to expulsion and in such instances, no refunds will be made.

♦ Only in real emergencies can personal calls or messages be taken on behalf of students.

♦ It is not the responsibility of the College to provide parking or storage for students. This includes bicycles, which should be parked outside the College at the owner's risk.


♦ Neither the College nor any of its representatives will be held liable in the event of any contracted service becoming impossible to supply due to industrial disputes or any other causes beyond their control.


♦ The College, staff, and representatives will not be held responsible for any loss of or damage to property (including delivery of fax and personal post) whilst on the premises.


♦ It is the responsibility of the student to take out personal insurance against all risks relating to their studies including the inability to attend or continue a course and the loss or damage of any property.


♦ It should be noted that the College has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of all printed material. At the time of going to press all information was correct.

♦ Our prospectus and marketing material are provided for illustration purposes only and do not form or constitute any contractual term between the College and any other person.


♦ The College will not under any circumstances disclose personal information to a third party other than the British Authorities, without first informing the student concerned or their representative.

♦ These terms are governed by the law of England and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England

♦ The decision of the Principal will be final and binding in all cases.


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